Terms & conditions

On the day of purchase at the E-commerce site of the Public enterprise "Ski Resorts of Serbia" it is considered that the buyer is fully aware of applicable legal regulations and the following rules:

Basic information about Public Enterprise "Ski Resorts of Serbia"

Public Enterprise "Ski resorts of Serbia"

Milutina Milankovića no. 9, 11070 Belgrade

Activity Code: 93.11 – activities of sports facilities which includes the regulation, equipping, maintenance, use and management of public ski resorts, as well as management of spaces suitable for regulating ski resorts representing the activities of a public enterprise of general interest

MB: 20183390

PIB: 104521515


contact phone: +381 11 222 39 86, +381606889626 (8.00 -16.00)

contact e-mail: webshop@skijalistasrbije.rs  

Exact description of the services offered

At the e-commerce point of the JP "Ski Resorts of Serbia" it is possible to purchase daily or multi-day tickets for an individual or in a family package with a predefined start date or depot ticket, which begins with the first pass through the ski lift gate.

In addition to the above mentioned ski tickets, it is possible to buy ski tickets valid all season (valid every work day of the ski resort/ski centre) or "10 in the season" (ten non-consecutive days of skiing during the season in ski area/ski centre).

Tickets from paragraph 1. of this Article applies only to the selected ski area/ski centre, and tickets from paragraph 2 of this Article are sold for the ski area "Stara Planina" or for the ski area "Zlatibor" or for all ski resorts (tickets valid simultaneously for Stara Planina, Zlatibor and Kopaonik)

By purchasing a ski ticket, the consumer is entitled to compulsory insurance from the consequences of the accident, the rescue service, as well as health care in case of injury at the ski resort, provided that the Rescue Service delivers injured customer to the Trauma Centre.

The buyer is entitled to a unilateral termination of the contract under the conditions prescribed by the Law on Consumer Protection, except in the case of a higher power (bad weather conditions). The Public Enterprise Ski Resorts of Serbia reserves the right to modify or terminate the installation during the ski season due to insufficient snow or bad weather conditions.

Ski passes purchased through the webshop are personalized. In the purchase process, it is necessary to enter accurate data about each skier: name and surname, date of birth and the face photo from which the person can be easily identified.

The ski card is non transferable to other persons. Be sure to show ski pass at the request of an official. In the event of abuse or endangerment of general security, the ski ticket will be confiscated by an official without the right to compensation.

Upload of facial recognition photos is mandatory for all ski passes when purchasing online.

The number of tickets is limited if the number of skiers on the slopes exceeds the capacity of the Ski Area.

After 3 pm it is not possible to buy tickets, wich are valid from the curent date.

Rules for using ski tickets:

Skiing is an activity of increased risk. Every skier is responsible for personal safety!

1. Respect others - track users must behave in such a way that they do not endanger others or hurt them with their behaviour or equipment.

2. Controlling speed and behaviour - each user of the track must adjust their speed and behaviour with their personal abilities, as well as general terrain conditions and weather conditions, the state of the snow cover, as well as the density of traffic. If a user ski or drives a board on a track that does not correspond to his knowledge of driving techniques, he does so at his own risk.

3. Choosing the direction of the one above - the user of the path above has the ability to select a path and must do so in a way that preserves the safety of all persons below or in front of it. Due to the specific way of driving on the board and the reduced visibility angle, borderers must check their left and right angles every time they change direction.

4. Overtaking - overtaking can be done from right or left but must always be done in a wide enough arc, to predict the movement of the one that skier overtakes.

5. At the crossroads and on departure - after stopping or crossing paths, each user must look up and down and make sure that they can depart without danger to themselves and others.

6. Stopping - Each user must avoid stopping on narrow and vast passageways, and in case of crash must clear the track as soon as possible.

7. Climbing and descending on foot - the one who is forced to climb or get down the path, must use the edge of the track for this, making sure that neither he nor his equipment poses a danger to others.

8. Respect information, marking and signalization - the user must take care of information, weather conditions, state of paths and snow. It must also respect the marking and signalization on the tracks.

9. Assistance - any person who is a witness or participant in an accident must help by sounding the alarm. In case of need, as at the request of the rescue service, the witness or participant must be made available to them.

10. Identification - any person who is a witness or participant in an accident is obliged to disclose their identity to the rescue service.

11. The user of the ski resort must not use ski resorts if he is under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or some psychoactive drug, i.e. a means that negatively affects his abilities.

12. Snowmobile - the ski area strictly prohibits the use of snowmobile, except for official purposes.

13. Use of a safety helmet - use of a safety helmet is mandatory for children up to the age of 14 and is recommended for other skiers.

14. Skiing outside the ski area and on unregulated terrain is at its own risk.

15. Basic FIS rules and signalization at the ski resort that apply to skiers also apply to borderers.  



Sales at the e-commerce site of the Public enterprise "Ski Resorts of Serbia" are done exclusively in Serbian dinar (RSD).

Customer Service

Customers can contact customer service to get the information they need regarding the order, but also in case of an order being advertised or cancelled.

Customer Service Data:

Public enterprise "Ski resorts of Serbia", Milutina Milankovića no. 9, 11070 Belgrade

Contact phone: +381 11 222 39 86 (weekdays from 8.00 to 16.00, and weekends during winter season)

Contact e-mail: webshop@skijalistasrbije.rs  

Delivery of ski cards

When purchasing ski tickets at the e-commerce point of the JP "Ski Resorts of Serbia", the customer is e-mailed with transaction data, as well as a voucher – a unique QR code for each purchased ski ticket.

There are two ways to buy and make ski cards purchased at an e-commerce retailer:

A buyer with a voucher, obtained by e-mail, goes to the ticket pickup site, which can be a pickup box or cashier POS.

A card that the customer already physically owns can be supplemented with a purchased ski card based on its unique WTP number, after which a customer with such a recharged card can go directly to the ski slope. Data on the purchased ski card will be loaded onto the card on the first time it passes through the ski lift gate.  


In case of return of goods and refunds to a customer who previously paid with one of the credit cards, in part or in full, and regardless of the reason for the return, the E-commerce Public enterprise "Ski Resorts of Serbia" is obliged to make the refund exclusively through Visa, EC/MC and Maestro payment method, which means that the bank will make a refund at the request of the seller at the request of the cardholder.

In the event that the Public Enterprise is forced to close the ski centre/ski resort due to the deterioration of the epidemiological situation caused by the COVID 19 virus, all service users will be refunded money based on the payment of ski tickets for unused ski days.

Refunds are not made in case of bad weather, the closure of a ski resort or part of the ski area when necessary for general safety, disruption of cable cars and unplanned shortening arrangements.

A partial refund or use of a ski ticket for an unused number of days is possible in the event of a user's injury at a public ski resort (based on a provided photocopy of an authorized ambulance report that the user has been injured, the rescue service reports, the original/photocopy of the ski card), or the death of a family member of a ski cardholder (based on a provided death certificate of the deceased and the original/photocopy of the ski card).

In the case of an injury of the person up to 14 years of age on the ski slope, one of the parents of the injured user who owns a valid ski ticket can be entitled to a portion of the refund for the same unused ski ticket in the amount of 50%, provided that the parent's ski card was not used.

In case of circumstance (injury to the user on the ski slope or the death of a member of the user's family) in which the user is unable to use the purchased ski ticket on a full scale, the user may apply for the use of a ski ticket for an unused number of days during the current or next season. The Commission decides on the Request only if the user submits evidence and documentation, which is delivered by mail or in person at the Public enterprise "Ski Resort of Serbia". The Request form can be obtained by the user at ski centres point of sale of the "Ski Resorts of Serbia" or downloaded on the website of the Public enterprise "Ski Resorts of Serbia".  

Complaint procedure

The valid Procedure on conditions for handling the inability to use a ski ticket is located on the official website of the Public enterprise "Ski Resorts of Serbia" – Company – General Acts.

The consumer may file a complaint regarding the service provided by the Public enterprise "Ski Resort of Serbia" if the service is not contract-related and a complaint about the miscalculated price, all within 30 days from the day of the service provided.

Notice to consumers about the possibility of withdrawal from the contract concluded via E-commerce point of sale of Public enterprise "Ski Resort of Serbia"

The consumer has the right to give up a contract concluded remotely or outside the office premises within 14 days. The right to give up without inducement the reason and additional costs is exercised by filling out the Withdrawal Form, which is on the official website of the Public enterprise "Ski Resorts of Serbia" section of Ski Pass Forms. The deadline for the termination of the contract concluded through the webshop begins from the day of payment to the account of the Public enterprise "Ski Resort of Serbia" through a transaction at the e-commerce point of sale.

User Privacy Protection 

The e-commerce retailer Public enterprise "Ski Resorts of Serbia" is obliged to preserve the privacy of all customers. Only necessary data is collected, basic customer/service user’s data and data necessary for business and informing users in accordance with good business practices and in order to provide quality service.

We give all customers/users of the service a choice, including whether they want to or not, to be deleted from the mailing list used for marketing campaigns.

All customer/service user’s data is strictly stored and is only available to employees who need that data to process the job. All employees are responsible for respecting the privacy policy.

Protection of confidential transaction information 

When entering payment card data, confidential information is transmitted through a public network in a protected (cryptographic) form using the SSL protocol and PKI system, as currently state-of-the-art cryptographic technology.

Data security of the purchase is guaranteed by payment card processor Banca Intesa ad Beograd, thus the complete collection process is done on the bank pages – at no time is payment card data available in our system.