Price policy

Before purchase, please be informed about the types of tickets sold on web shop, price periods, shopping method, terms of use and promotional periods (opening of ski centres during which it is possible to get a significantly greater discount by shopping at the box office in ski centres than through web shop).

Below are basic information about the types of tickets and tables with ski ticket prices that can be purchased on the web shop (for download).

Tables display full prices. Tickets purchased by November 30th, will be discounted 15%, for tickets purchased from December the 1th to December the 10th you will receive a 10% discount and on all tickets purchased by the end of the winter season you will receive a 5% discount. When you put a ticket in the basket, you will be shown the full price crossed out, the discount you receive as a percentage, and the price you will pay with VAT included.

Ski passes purchased through the webshop are personalized and not transferable to others. In the purchase process, it is necessary to enter accurate data about each skier: name and surname, date of birth and the face photo from which the person can be easily identified.

After 3 pm it is not possible to buy tickets, wich are valid from the curent date.

Important note: In certain promotional periods (on the occasion of season opening, etc.) or on days when ski centres are not operating at full capacity, it is possible to get a greater discount by shopping at the box office of ski centres than the discount offered by web shop. We advise that you be informed about these promotional periods on the website of the Public Enterprise “Ski Resort of Serbia”, before purchasing. Discounts intended for certain categories of skiers, as well as groups of skiers who qualify for a discount based on numbers, cannot be achieved by shopping through web shop. A number of consecutive ski days are available by buying a daily or multi-day ticket. They have a pre-selected starting date for skiing.

There are three price periods during the winter season for which different prices apply. The price of a multi-day ticket is determined based on the starting date of skiing. Price periods are:

  1. Start and end of season: November 15th – December 16th and March 26th – until the end of the season (cheapest part of the season)
  2. Main part of the season: December 17th - December 24th; January 4th - February 7th; February 17th - March 25th
  3. Peak season: December 25th - January 3rd (most expensive part of the season)

Depot tickets are not related to a specific date, their initial day of skiing is determined by the first pass through the gate at the ski resort, but they also apply to consecutive days of use. Depot tickets (whose start of use is not date-set) have the same price as tickets from the most expensive part of the season.

The advice for shoppers is to buy depot tickets instead of regular multi-day tickets if they are skiing in most expensive part of season. Thus, at the same price, they will have the option of moving the initial skiing date.

The season ticket can be used all winter season. The "10 in a season" ticket allows you to use ten unrelated days of skiing, from the beginning to the end of the winter season. Their prices are the same all season and are best bought on web shop, using early sales discounts.

A season ticket or "10 in a season" ticket for Stara Planina applies only to that ski centre. A season ticket or "10 in a season" ticket for Tornik applies only at that ski centre.
There is no season ticket or "10 in the season" ticket, valid only for Kopaonik.

The season ticket or ticket "10 in the season" purchased for all ski resorts is valid in all three ski centres: Kopaonik, Stara Planina and Tornik. These tickets can be found in all ski resorts.

Tickets in the family package are intended for family members, at least one of whom is an adult. Tickets in the family package can be purchased for all the listed types of tickets.

In the event that the Public Enterprise is forced to close the ski centre/ski resorts due to the deterioration of the epidemiological situation caused by the COVID 19 virus, all service users will be refunded money based on the payment of ski tickets for unused ski days.